CCRA’s Planning Action Group [PAG] is a group of 8 self-taught planning enthusiast volunteers. A member of the group will thoroughly check through Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Planning Portal each week for new applications.

PAG also meet once a month and regularly with RBG on planning issues. They send out email alerts to those residents who have indicated an interest in local developments, but they do not commment on issues, just alert people to what has come up and how (if they wish to) they can comment on planning applications.

CCRA is not anti-development in any way, but in fact is keen that the large developments (known as ‘’majors’’) that will have an impact for future generations, are done well and with consideration, and that residents are fully and properly consulted by the Council.

Often planning applications are very detailed and take time to digest and discuss, and residents have 21 days in which to respond to the Council.

On Thursday 27th September 2018, PAG held a drinks and nibbles evening, for residents interested in getting involved with the group and learning more about planning in the area. If you would like to get involved or want to know more about what is coming up on planning in Charlton, please email or message us on Twitter or Facebook.

Rockwell Development

An inquiry into the Rockwell Development is currently under way and CCRA members are monitoring the proceedings. You can follow developments in Grapevine or on this site.

The Rockwell development has twice been refused planning permission, first by RBG Planning Board and then by the Mayor of London. The developers are now making an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. Our comments on the development were made to the Planning Inspectorate before the deadline of Tuesday Sept 17. Charlton Together issued some guidance for anyone wanting to make comments, including reasons why local residents have previously objected to the scheme.  Download the guidance here


BANANA – build absolutely nothing anywhere, near anyplace
CRTN – calculation of road traffic noise
DMRB – design manual for roads and bridges
ES – environmental statement
EIA – environmental impact assessment
Majors – large developments that affect the community, infrastructure, environment, etc.
NPPF – National Planning Policy Framework
NIMBY – not in my back yard