The Community Safety Action Group (CSAG) provides a forum for residents to raise issues of law and order including anti-social behaviour. The group is concerned with establishing links with local agencies such as the Council, Police and local Housing Associations in order to discuss issues raised by residents. CSAG aims to improve law and order in the CCRA area and to reassure residents that Charlton is a safe and decent place to live.

The Community Safety Action Group is represented at meetings of the Safer Neighbourhood Team‘s (SNT) Panel where local police priorities are set.

CSAG supports the work of the Charlton Central Neighbourhood Watch (CCNW), which exists to improve communications within and between residents and the local police. The CCNW issues regular ‘Updates’ on issues of crime and also sends out ‘Instant Alerts’ to help safeguard residents.

The Watch is free to join and being a member keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the area. To join go to

For information on CSAG contact: