APRIL 2021

Just before Easter we delivered Easter Bunny gifts to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Neonatal unit for the Spring Babies.  As well as being delighted at the Easter gifts, Sister Teri Stimson was grateful to have some new bespoke mitts and red hats.  The unit uses red hats for babies who need extra observations.

We have also made another donation of storks to the London Ambulance Service and these will be given to babies during their Neonatal Transfer.

hats & mitts



lamb chop puppets

ambulance crews

Teri and bunnies












Dates will be confirmed as soon as possible and will be dependent on a Health and Safety Risk Assessment on the use of St Richard’s Hall. During 3 lockdowns we have continue to knit and we were delighted to have presented gifts to the Queen Elizabeth’s neo-natal unit of snowmen for the babies Christmas stockings. Alongside of these we gave the unit some fabulous knitted blankets, hats and our bespoke neo-natal mitts. We have also continued to support Homestart Greenwich (visit https://homestartgreenwich.org.uk) with finger puppets, blankets and Christmas decorations. We continued to deliver Stork to the London Ambulance Service for their neo-natal transfer unit. If you want to know more about how you can contribute to the charity sector, learn to knit or have a project in mind then contact Brenda on 07909 090 676 or email brendataggart49@gmail.com




Because of COVID restrictions the CCRA Knit and Natter group were unable to go en masse to deliver their Xmas gifts to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Neonatal Unit. However, Clare and Brenda were allowed access to meet very briefly with Ward Sister Teri. Teri was delighted with the Snowmen, Santas, blankets, mitts and hats that help to make the babies Xmas stockings so special. We would like to thank all the staff at the QE who work work so hard in keeping us safe.


During lock down the Knit and Natter group have not only been knitting for the QE hospital and the London Ambulance Service.  They have been knitting finger puppets for a local charity, Home-Start Greenwich – an independent charity affiliated to Home-start UK.At the heart of the work of Home-Start is their volunteer service whereby they support families with young children within the home. They offer a 1 :1 intensive weekly Home-Visiting Service. Find out more about Home-Start by visiting: https://homestartgreenwich.org.ukThe lovely finger puppets will be delivered to families with young children in order to help support the children’s home learning.  The Knit and Natter Group are proud to support this very worthwhile charity.  If you want to know about how you can contribute to the charity sector by home knitting then contact Brenda on 07939 090 676 or email brendataggart49@gmail.com

wolf and 3 little pigs

little red riding hood

collection of finger puppets

troll and billy goats gruff







5 little ducks



The Knitting Must Go On [April 2020]
Members of CCRA’s Knit and Natter Group are carrying on producing their charity knits during this time of lock down. Once this period of isolation is over we will be delivering funky storks to the London Ambulance Service and blankets to the Queen Elizabeth Neo-natal unit. Sadly the bunnies, knitted for the Easter premature babies, will have to keep till next year.
Wool has been put out in a front garden for knitters to replenish their stocks. Like in war time…the nation’s knitters never stop.

Fiddle mufflers knitted by the group










CCRA is delighted to announce that the Knit and Natter group has been chosen as a beneficiary charity for the Co-op Community Trust Fund for the year 2019/2020. We are raising funds to pay the hall hire for the group and the establishment of a Children’s Knitting Group. If you are a Co-op members please select CCRA as your chosen community cause online at: https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/34210. Once you have done that CCRA will receive 1% of co-op own brand products that you buy until October 2020. If you aren’t a co-op member yet and shop regularly at Co-op you can join for £1 in store and online (https://membership.coop.co.uk/). Last year co-op members raised £19 million for local causes across the UK.

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