Annual General Meeting 2019

Attendance at our 2019 AGM, held on Thursday 10 October 2019, fell just short of the quorate number.  Our Constitution, para 5.7, says ‘in the event that an AGM is inquorate, it shall be adjourned and reconvened after 14 days’.

However, after considering the logistical challenges this would have entailed, those members present decided to proceed with the business on the agenda and – as a membership led organisation – to seek the views of the full membership to determine the way forward. All business discussed at the meeting is reported in the minutes, which, along with the officers’ reports, are available below.

A consultation was held, and as no objections were received, the proceedings of Thursday 10 October 2019 were accepted as our 2019 AGM.

Documentation from AGM 2019 – please click to view or download:


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