CCRA is committed to keeping our streets clean and tidy. Our Environment Group keeps an overview of the area and liaises with the Council about important issues.

We have also received a council grant to help us tidy and plant up some plots of land within our area – for example, in Inverine Road and Nadine Street.

Every year, at our Community Day in July, we spend a morning cleaning and tidying the streets in our area. This involves teams of volunteers going round the area picking up litter and generally making the area look a bit smarter.  RBG provide us with hi-viz jackets, litter-picking tools, rubbish bags and other equipment.

In addition, every year we organise, with the help of the Council, a free collection of bulky items (for members only) which might otherwise sit in people’s front gardens.

The most recent Community Day was on July 6, 2019.  The programme for next year will be available in the autumn.


Some pictures from past years:

trimming the hedge at St Richard’s

clearing up the trimmings

free lunch for volunteers!

Wendy serves the food