The Walking Group meets on the second Sunday of each month, usually at Charlton Station, at 10.00 in summertime and 10.30 during the winter; the walks are mostly within TfL travel zones. 

Our walks are mainly for ‘softies’ undertaken at a moderate pace to take into account the abilities of a range of walkers and usually less than 5 miles. Walkers are advised to bring bottled water and wear appropriate clothing for the weather – especially strong footwear. 

Walks are briefly described in the monthly emails so that walkers may decide if they are suitable for their ability and interests – this includes the travel plan, descriptions of the terrain, places of interest en route, availability of public toilets and places where take-away drinks and food may be purchased – we always end the walk at a cafe, pub or similar. 

You can check the calendar for details of future walks. If you would like to sign up to receive monthly emails or suggest some walks you know and love please contact Jill at:


It now seems that group events are being strongly discouraged so this will include our monthly walks and reluctantly I will have to cancel them until further notice.
However, walking is still a valuable exercise for both mind and body and should not be dismissed if you are fit and well.  The advice is to go out alone or with people you share your home with, being conscious of following social distancing guidance.  We have some nice local walks that you might consider that do not require public transport – if you use your car please remember that car parks may become busy if the weather is good.
Here’re some walking suggestions, most of which we’ve done in the past and assuming you’ll start at Charlton Station:
a) Green Charlton Walk:
cross Woolwich Road and walk down Anchor & Hope Lane, turn right at the end onto to the Thames Path, walk to the Barrier (either walking through the tunnel towards the cafe or turning right just before the steps) and turn right walking through Barrier Gardens.  At the pedestrian crossing on Woolwich Road cross and enter Maryon Park, walk through to the steep flight of steps the other side of the flat grassy area, walk up them and continue through to Woodland Terrance, cross over into Maryon Willson Park.  Passing the animal pens walk through to Charlton Park Road and enter Charlton Park (a short distance to the right of the school entrance).  Turn right and walk through to Charlton House and back home down Charlton Church Lane.
b) Get a view from Shooters Hill:
walk up Charlton Church Lane and into Charlton Park, walk through and exit onto Canberra Road, take the road route to Queen Elizabeth Hospital crossing Stadium Road onto Woolwich Common.  Here there are paths leading through to Academy Road where a route home can be followed via Haha Road and down Cemetery Lane and either left through Charlton Village; or 
continuing the walk, from Academy Road, walk towards the junction with Shooters Hill Road going up hill and into Castle Woods – here there are a number of routes to Severndroog Castle or the viewpoint near the cafe or on to Jack Woods.  The return can be the reverse of the route there or down Shooters Hill Road to Charlton Park Road, passing Hornfair Park and left into Hornfair Road to Charlton House and back home down Charlton Church Lane.
c)  Greenwich Park: start at Fossdene School crossing into Eastcombe Avenue and turning right to go underneath the flyover at the junction between Eastcombe Avenue and Bramshot Avenue, across Westcombe Hill to Kirkside Road, left into Mycenae Road and right onto Westcombe Park Road and the entrance is directly opposite where it meets Maze Hill.
Keep walking and keep well!  I’ve included a link below from Living Streets (see ‘About Us’ in the link for more information about this charity) with their advice on staying safe and keeping well and Greenwich Council’s most recent advice.
All good wishes,

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